Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge! #3

December 15: Favorite Holiday Song - I'm cheating & posting a video...

December 16: Outside Christmas Lights - A friend's house....  So pretty!!

December 17: Presents - Today was my dad's birthday... Happy Birthday Dad!! :)

December 18: Stockings - Ok, I couldn't decide which one!  I love my snowman stocking... he's so cute!  (I love snowmen!!)  And the other one is so fun!!  A friend gave me a bottle of wine in this stocking - I love it!!

December 19: Candy Cane - This is the closest thing I have to a candy cane... a peppermint stick from Tastefully Simple.

December 20: Tree Topper

December 21: Peace - I pulled this picture from a couple days ago... nothing like a sleeping Shelby to make me feel peaceful :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge! #2

December 8: Ornaments - My new ornament... compliments of Pier One.  How cute is this?!

December 9: Something Your Reading - I haven't actually read this yet... but Beautiful Disaster has been sitting on my bed stand for awhile (it's a busy time of year!)... which means I might need to skip it and move to She's Come Undone, our January book club book.

December 10: Wrapping Paper - My wrapping paper is still buried in my little storage area under the steps... I guess I'll get it out soon... haha!

December 11: Green - No explanation needed... LOL

December 12: A Beautiful Sight -


WOO HOO!!!  What a beautiful sight! :)
And for extra credit... here is my free dinner that I got the next night :)

December 13: Family - Here is a picture of me and my Poppop... he passed away this time of year about 6 years ago.  He lived with us when we moved to PA in the early 90's so he is part of many happy memories!! :)

December 14:  Christmas Tree - My new tree I purchased at approximately 2:30am on Black Friday... got a good deal!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge! #1

I found this on Pinterest... via A Content Housewive's blog...

So, here it goes!!

Dec 1:  Your View Today - in the midst of a busy day with my friend Laura... we stopped for a mid-afternoon snack :)

Dec 2:  Favorite Holiday Movie - I loooove this movie!!

Dec 3:  Red - The calendar in my bedroom... I made it on Snapfish!

Dec 4: Joyous - I got my first two Christmas cards of the season! YAY!!

Dec 5: Today's Temperature

Dec 6: Shopping - A view of Hunt Valley Town Center taken on our way out of Greetings & Readings.

Dec 7: Bright - We had our holiday party yesterday at the Manor Tavern in Monkton, MD.  It was great!!  I loved this 'bright' corner of the room!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 4

Saturday, November 24 - I am thankful my friend Megan had the opportunity to go for her dream of getting her PhD.  She is in the middle of the process, and it hasn't been easy, but she is such a hard-worker I know she will get through it and be so glad she did!!

Sunday, November 25 - I am thankful that I live in the East Coast. I love going through all four seasons... fall being my favorite of course! Snow in the winter, watching flowers bloom in the spring, the heat of summer, and the beautiful colors of fall. It's wonderful!

Monday, November 26 -  I am thankful for beer... especially Pumpkin beer... YUM.

Tuesday, November 27 -  I am thankful for Hulu, where I can watch all my favorite TV shows in one spot... New Girl, The Mindy Project, Private Practice, Modern Family, Glee, Big Bang Theory... so much TV, so little time.

Wednesday, November 28 -  After getting wrapped up in the Powerball and dreaming of being a millionaire, I am thankful for what I already have... I am blessed!
Gathered $230 at work to buy 115 tickets...
Thursday, November 29 - I am thankful for my car... which is almost paid off!  SO CLOSE!!  I've had my Sentra for almost 5 years and it has been good to me!  :)
My car after one of the big blizzards in Feb 2010.... next to Meg's Saturn (RIP).
Friday, November 30 - I am thankful this is over! hahaha!! No, really... one more...
I'm thankful for Channing Tatum.

The end.

Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 3

Saturday, November 17 - Today, I am thankful for my neighbor who came over to ask if she could clean up my dead hostas while she was cleaning up hers.... yum, YEAH!!  How nice was that??  After spending the day working at a vendor/craft show I was flat out pooped and that made my day! :)

Sunday, November 18 - I am thankful for Art Modell, who brought football back to Baltimore.  After such a tragedy when the Colts moved to Indy in the middle of the night in March of 1984, Baltimore went without football for 12 years!!  Lucky for us, Art Modell moved the Cleveland Brown's to Baltimore in 1996 and the team was re-named the Baltimore Ravens.  Unfortunately Mr. Modell passed away this year, but Baltimore will always be grateful!  GO RAVENS!!!

Monday, November 19 - I am thankful for my friends.  I am so lucky that I still have old friends from high school and college and new friends that I have met throughout the years after.  I seriously love each & every one of my friends and know how blessed I am!!! :)

Tuesday, November 20 - I am thankful that God choose the right person to be my mom!!  Among many things, she is my best friend, my biggest supporter and cheerleader, she is patient, caring, understanding, and of course fun!  I love my mom!
A picture of me & my mom during our NYC trip in December 2010.
Wednesday, November 21 - And of course I am thankful for my dad!!  My dad has always been there for me and I love spending time with him.  He is very supportive and loves sharing his life's wisdom.  We are alike in so many ways and always have fun together.  I love being Daddy's little girl!
My parents, summer of 2008. <3
Thursday, November 22 - Today, on Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for my family!  Although I do not have a large family and we are spread all over the U.S., I have an awesome family & am grateful for each of them!!

Friday, November 23 - I am thankful for all the retail store associates who were very pleasant to all us crazy shoppers during Black Friday!  Especially in the middle of the night!  Thanks for being so nice & friendly!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 2

Week 2...

Saturday, November 10 -  I am thankful I found Thirty-One!  Not only do I have a TON of awesome totes, bags, purses, etc. but I have met a fantastic group of people - which is even better!!  These ladies are inspirational, hard-working, creative, and supportive.  My team is awesome!
Our April meeting.
August 2012 - National Conference in Atlanta, GA - so much fun!

Sunday, November 11 - I am thankful for my freedom!!  My friend Wendi said it best: "I am thankful for all of those in the military, past, present & future, for risking their lives, their health & the sacrifice they make for each & every one of us."

Monday, November 12 - I am thankful for my home. I love my house!

Tuesday, November 13 - I'm thankful to be part of a book club.  I love meeting with my friends every other month, catching up, and reading good books!!  This month we read "Bitter is the new Black" by Jen Lancaster.  I loved it!

Wednesday, November 14 - I'm thankful that when my air conditioner stopped working this summer, my furnace did not.  So glad I can get heat through the winter and have time to save some $$ to replace my 30+ year old system!  BRRRRR!!!

Thursday, November 15 -  I'm thankful for Facebook - sounds silly, but I can keep in touch with my friends and stay up to date with their lives with our busy schedules.  Just one status update lets everyone know how you're doing, what's new, and of course I can share my cute pics of Shelby!!

Friday, November 16 - I am thankful for Canine Meadows... and so is Shelby. :) It is an off-leash dog park where Shelby can run wherever she wants, smell everything, eat grass and make some new friends!  It's only a 15 minute car-ride away.

Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 1

The goal is to consciously engage in (at least) one moment of thankfulness every day this month. That's it!  The thing for which you give thanks can be big or small--it doesn't matter, because even 30 small gratitudes will add up to something awesome by month's end. What you're thankful for can be anything at all--as long as you're consciously thankful for it. That's the key.
Thursday, November 1 - I am thankful Sandy changed courses and calmed down once she hit land-fall in Maryland.  I am devastated for those in NY & NJ, but thankful my friends and family are safe!

Friday, November 2 - I am thankful for my creative side that I got from my mom, local-celebrity-artist ;)  I am definitely not an "artist," but have a hint of creativity & enjoy being crafty.

Saturday, November 3 - I am grateful that a tap room opened in YoPa!  I love the Holy Hound Taproom! And I love pumpkin beer with sugar & cinnamon rim... yum yum!

Sunday, November 4 - I am thankful Daylight Savings Time ended - fall back!  One extra hour of sleep!  Stinks it's going to get dark earlier - but today I am thankful for an extra hour of sleep!

Monday, November 5 - I am thankful for Shelby :)  I am so lucky she came into my life!  Tonight I took her to get a mani/pedi, bought some Milk Bones, dog food and a new toy with her PetSmart birthday coupon!

Tuesday, November 6 - Today I am thankful for the right to vote, my freedom, and being an American!  And the end of political commercials!!!

Wednesday, November 7 -  Yesterday my friend told me I was one of the smartest people she knows.  WOW!  I'm sure that's hardly the case, but makes me thankful for all the educational opportunities I have had.
Thursday, November 8 - I am thankful for the people I work with.  I am so lucky that they are all so fantastic!!
One of our many fun events - Oriole's game 2011 :)
Friday, November 9 - I am thankful for my job!  Not only do I work with fantastic people but I like what I do.  I realize how fortunate I am to have a job in today's economy and work with great people!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Last year around Halloween, we had a snow storm, this year we have Hurricane Sandy - the storm of a century!  And she's coming our way...

I followed advice & am ready...

Filled my car with gas...

Went to the grocery store to buy non-perishables & water... 

Went to Office Max to buy extra batteries for my radio & flashlights... and water :)

MONDAY, 10.29.12
Here is the prediction from Foot's Forecast
* 8 AM to 6 PM: Winds increase to 40 mph
* 6 PM to 9 PM: Winds become sustained at 40-60 mph
* 9 PM to 12 AM: Occasional gusts to Hurricane Force (~74 mph)

Most businesses in Maryland have closed for the day to keep people off the roads.  The rain is supposed to come today with some wind and flooding.  My office has closed & implemented their 'work from home' policy... now I can watch The Weather Channel all day!!

8:45 am - Lots of rain and a little wind... waiting for the 'worst'

11:20 am - Wind is picking up and steady rain.  We are being asked to curtail water use until further notice. The York City Wastewater Treatment Plant is experiencing "extremely high" flow as a result of the rainfall, according to a Monday morning news release from York City. Areas that are served by the plant should not use water unnecessarily.

12:30 pm - Raining harder now.

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

3:30 pm - Wind is getting slightly stronger - more wind gusts.  Took Shelby out and the lawn is getting to be one big puddle!  Hard to see in this picture, but my feet sunk right down as I ran out.

5:00 pm - Sandy's picking up strength & speed... and coming right at ME!  I am the blue dot, the red line is Sandy... holy guacamole, hold on!

I thought I better take a video even though nothing exciting was happening, I had to document something!!  It's obviously not very impressive or of good quality, but you can kinda see the trees & rain blowing in the wind.

I tried to take a video later when the wind was worse, but it was too dark and you couldn't see anything :(

9:00 pm - Still laying low & waiting.  The rain is bad and there is flooding all around.  Cable/Internet has flickered off & on twice.  Sandy is no longer a hurricane and being referred to as a 'super storm.' Electric is staying on for now... but Sandy is supposed to be going through York at 2:00 am.  I gave Shelby the couch...

10:30 pm - Can't stand the waiting.  We went to bed!

TUESDAY, 10.30.12
Prediction:  12 AM to 8 AM: Winds are still sustained at tropical storm force and begin to decrease below by 40 mph by 12 AM Wednesday.

6:30 am - From Justin Berk, Meteorologist - "The center of (former hurricane) Sandy passed right over Baltimore after midnight. The former hurricane shifted direction after entering Maryland. Instead of heading to York PA it dropped SW along I-95 and then stalled over east Baltimore. Watch it enter the right side of the image and the expand. Winds were 50-70 mph, hail was reported as cold air entered the system. Flooding increased on the Chesapeake Bay from the additional water flow to the Eastern Shore and Harford County."
I slept pretty well - my thoughts & the wind woke me up a few times, but not strong enough to be scary and I went right back to sleep!  Now to see if work has electricity...

2:00 pm - Sitting at work eating a late lunch.  Flood & Wind warnings have expired.  Back to a normal rainy day for me!  I'm soooo lucky though after watching all the devastation... especially in NY and NJ.  My prayers go out to all the families!!  Now to the grocery store tonight to buy all the refrigerated products I did not buy on Sunday and to return the 20 batteries I bought :)

Here are some incredible & unbelievable pictures.  And here is some before and after.