Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge! #3

December 15: Favorite Holiday Song - I'm cheating & posting a video...

December 16: Outside Christmas Lights - A friend's house....  So pretty!!

December 17: Presents - Today was my dad's birthday... Happy Birthday Dad!! :)

December 18: Stockings - Ok, I couldn't decide which one!  I love my snowman stocking... he's so cute!  (I love snowmen!!)  And the other one is so fun!!  A friend gave me a bottle of wine in this stocking - I love it!!

December 19: Candy Cane - This is the closest thing I have to a candy cane... a peppermint stick from Tastefully Simple.

December 20: Tree Topper

December 21: Peace - I pulled this picture from a couple days ago... nothing like a sleeping Shelby to make me feel peaceful :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge! #2

December 8: Ornaments - My new ornament... compliments of Pier One.  How cute is this?!

December 9: Something Your Reading - I haven't actually read this yet... but Beautiful Disaster has been sitting on my bed stand for awhile (it's a busy time of year!)... which means I might need to skip it and move to She's Come Undone, our January book club book.

December 10: Wrapping Paper - My wrapping paper is still buried in my little storage area under the steps... I guess I'll get it out soon... haha!

December 11: Green - No explanation needed... LOL

December 12: A Beautiful Sight -


WOO HOO!!!  What a beautiful sight! :)
And for extra credit... here is my free dinner that I got the next night :)

December 13: Family - Here is a picture of me and my Poppop... he passed away this time of year about 6 years ago.  He lived with us when we moved to PA in the early 90's so he is part of many happy memories!! :)

December 14:  Christmas Tree - My new tree I purchased at approximately 2:30am on Black Friday... got a good deal!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge! #1

I found this on Pinterest... via A Content Housewive's blog...

So, here it goes!!

Dec 1:  Your View Today - in the midst of a busy day with my friend Laura... we stopped for a mid-afternoon snack :)

Dec 2:  Favorite Holiday Movie - I loooove this movie!!

Dec 3:  Red - The calendar in my bedroom... I made it on Snapfish!

Dec 4: Joyous - I got my first two Christmas cards of the season! YAY!!

Dec 5: Today's Temperature

Dec 6: Shopping - A view of Hunt Valley Town Center taken on our way out of Greetings & Readings.

Dec 7: Bright - We had our holiday party yesterday at the Manor Tavern in Monkton, MD.  It was great!!  I loved this 'bright' corner of the room!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Week 4

Saturday, November 24 - I am thankful my friend Megan had the opportunity to go for her dream of getting her PhD.  She is in the middle of the process, and it hasn't been easy, but she is such a hard-worker I know she will get through it and be so glad she did!!

Sunday, November 25 - I am thankful that I live in the East Coast. I love going through all four seasons... fall being my favorite of course! Snow in the winter, watching flowers bloom in the spring, the heat of summer, and the beautiful colors of fall. It's wonderful!

Monday, November 26 -  I am thankful for beer... especially Pumpkin beer... YUM.

Tuesday, November 27 -  I am thankful for Hulu, where I can watch all my favorite TV shows in one spot... New Girl, The Mindy Project, Private Practice, Modern Family, Glee, Big Bang Theory... so much TV, so little time.

Wednesday, November 28 -  After getting wrapped up in the Powerball and dreaming of being a millionaire, I am thankful for what I already have... I am blessed!
Gathered $230 at work to buy 115 tickets...
Thursday, November 29 - I am thankful for my car... which is almost paid off!  SO CLOSE!!  I've had my Sentra for almost 5 years and it has been good to me!  :)
My car after one of the big blizzards in Feb 2010.... next to Meg's Saturn (RIP).
Friday, November 30 - I am thankful this is over! hahaha!! No, really... one more...
I'm thankful for Channing Tatum.

The end.