Thursday, June 14, 2012

My New Refrigerator... finally!!

I have been wanting a new refrigerator FOR-EV-ER.  Ok, really since I moved in my house in 2008. Anyway - I finally saved up some mola* & was ready to hit the Memorial Day sales!!
*Thanks to my grandparents for letting the family know I wanted a new frig, I got lots of useful gift cards for Christmas!

I did a lot of research online, but you really need to go to the store to open them all up a thousand times to make sure it's your soul-fridge.  After some searching, I found the perfect one for me!  A Samsung at hhgregg.  And, lucky me they could install it the next day - even though it was a holiday!!  So I cleaned off my old fridge and got ready.


Thank goodness I didn't have a ton of food in my fridge... and thank goodness for my helpful Thirty-One bags to hold all my food!! (what the heck is on the TV?)

So the delivery guys shows up & does some measuring and says this might not fit.  (WHAT?!?!)  They take out the old fridge and bring in this mammoth looking thing and by golly, it doesn't fit... it's too wide!  Dumb me measured from the wall to the side of the cabinets... not the molding on the floor to the side of the cabinets. Apparently this is a 'common' mistake, so I'm not the only dumb one out there.  The guys couldn't help me with that (liability issues) so they put everything together, hooked it up & left.  I grabbed a screwdriver & saw from my handy dandy tool box (thanks DAD!!!) and went to work:

I did it!!  YAY!!  So lets push in the fridge.... pushing, pushing, and then stop. HOLY CRAP the fridge is too tall... by a quarter of an inch.  OMG - what do I do!? [Insert some girly unnecessary crying and calling for help]  My parent's arrived with more coolers since it was going to be awhile, and one of my best friends, Ben, arrived with his table saw.  Between my dad and Ben, they shortened the cabinets above the fridge a little over a quarter inch and the fridge slipped right in... like a glove.  There are no pictures to document this as I was freakin' out a 'lil bit. :)

Finally all was well... my parents went home and Ben went shoe shopping.  Time to put life back together.


Pretty right????

And my favorite part?  The shelf for wine bottles... or bottles of water (lol):

It was a long, stressful day, but well worth it in the end!  I looove my new fridge!!

Also - shout out to hhgregg who was awesome!  In fact as I wrote this blog, the sales associate from hhgregg called to make sure everything turned out ok... since he was one of the ones I called for help!

Italian-Style Turkey Meatloaf

I get tons of email a day... most of them I delete... some I glance at and then delete.  But one day I read through an email and ended up finding this recipe (you'll have to click on it to be able to read it):
I actually had all the ingredients at home, so I thought, what the heck, I'll try it!!  So here it goes....

Gather ingredients.... like my backdrop?  LOL

Sprayed cookie sheet... just in case you wondered what one looked like:

All the ingredients... lil' bit gross, right?!

And then form into the 'loaf' shape & cover with ketchup!

I deleted the cooked meat loaf picture from my phone before posting... oops!  It tasted pretty good!  I ate leftovers for the week and enjoyed them!  I still prefer regular meatloaf though.  But I love trying something new! :)