Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 Favs!

Here are my favorite pictures of 2013...

Me & my dad right after we found out the Ravens were going to the SUPERBOWL!!!
Decked out in my Raven's gear holding Superbowl tickets!!  (not mine of course)

My dad welcoming & celebrating the Raven's Superbowl win at M&T Bank Stadium
Alana, Laura & I at Hibrewnation

Shelby & Dusty going for a walk together.

Best. Holiday. Ever.  St. Patty's Day 2013!!

Meg, Me & Monika on the west coast.  One of my favorite vacations ever -
click here to see more about my trip to San Francisco

Best. Smile. Ever.

My co-worker and I were orange color throwers at The Color Run in Baltimore. More pics and info here.
Mother's Day - Boh & Crabs... YUM!!

My friend Marci's son having fun at the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh... more fun here.
The same weekend I visited my friend Tracy & her girls... such cuties!

Shelby is very patriotic :)
My bitches.

Happy Birthday Alana!!  Love summer fun.
Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z concert - all the cell phone lights when he sang Forever Young.

Me, Wendy & Laura in NYC for the weekend.  
I saw Ray Lewis at the Raven's game :)

Wedding month!  First wedding was for my friends Ralph & Bryan.  Fantastic!
Second was for my friend Sara and her fiance Mike's wedding.
Sara is not pictured, but I've known these girls for almost 20+ years!

My dad's surprised face... yes, we surprised him.  100% surprised. :)
My mom and grandparents in front of one of my mom's paintings in her art exhibit.

My friend Jayme (from college) and me after Detroit Lions game.

Alana's Baby Shower

Laura & her polar bear friend...

Me & Monika... last pic of 2013 :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year - 2014!

It's a new year and an opportunity for another chance at old resolutions! :)

First, lets review how I did with my 2013 resolutions:

1. Take More Pictures - Mid-year I dropped and broke the camera I bought on black Friday in 2012 (to take more pictures in 2013), so things slowed down in the summer, but overall I think I well.  Therefore....

2. Blog More Often - 20 blog posts in 2012, 18 in 2013, and my last blog post in 2013 was in July!!!

3. New Recipes - (2 each month)  I tried 10 new recipes by July and know I tried more after that, so...

4. Purge - I have rocked this resolution.  I still have some stuff to go through, but overall I made some money at a yard sale and donated lots of stuff.  I am also changing my habits and trying not to keep everything "in case" I need it one day.

5. Read More - 25 books in 2013??? Who picked that number?!  But I did read more books in 2013 than 2012... by 4 whole books! So I give myself 1/2 point for that.

6. Become Healthy - I started Weight Watchers in June and lost some weight.  Of course with the holidays, I fell off the wagon and the wagon ran over me... but back on the wagon!  I didn't add too much exercise, but did lose some weight the healthy way... so another 1/2 point :)

7. Add Something New - Hmm... new things in 2013: I went to California for the first time, volunteered at the Color Run, took an online photography class (which was "eh"), and threw a surprise party for my dad.

Now onto 2014!!

1. Keep Taking More Pictures 

2. Blog More Often (and past July! haha)

3. Read More books in 2014. (Friend me on Goodreads!!)

4. Send out Birthday cards to friends and family.

5. Create a Vision Board... just because I think it'd be fun! :)

6. Step out of my comfort zone and take chances... what will that bring?!

(....and of course lose weight, but that's every year, so why add that to the list?!)
I hope all of your hopes and dreams come true in 2014!!