Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013!


Another new year... another chance to make 'resolutions!'

I did "ok" with my resolutions for 2012...

1. Take More Pictures - My old camera started taking yucky pictures, so I kinda gave up.  But I did take some fun pictures with my iPhone and Instagram, so I think that overall I did take more pictures!

2. Get Back to Scrapbooking - I did not scrapbook even one page in 2012!!!  I'm starting to think I should just sell all my stuff and put my pictures in albums.  Seems a little less stressful.  I will think about it.

3. Blog More Often - 39 blog posts in 2011... 20 blog posts in 2012.

4. Add Something New for 2012 - Does beer count?  I think so!  I started attending beer school (or skool as I like to call it) with friends and was able to taste many new years and learn a lot!  (f'real)  Now, I love trying new beer and my tastes are more distinguished... Miller Lite is no longer my "go-to" and I love to try micro-brews from all over!

5.  Grow my Thirty-One Business - As the number of Thirty-One consultants grow, I was able to remain active for 2012, which I consider successful!  I even went to Thirty-One's national conference in Atlanta over the summer and had a blast!!  I don't see my business continuing through 2013 as I struggle to book parties and remain active, but I am ok with that and am so glad I had the opportunity!  I don't consider this resolution a success or fail...

Now onto 2013!!!

I'm going to transfer some 2012 resolutions...
1. Take More Pictures - I bought a new camera on black Friday, so no more excuses.  Watch out friends and family... you're going to see a camera in your face a lot more often!!

2. Blog More Often - Watch out blogosphere... you're going to see Something Wonderful more often!!

Now for something new...
3. New Recipes - I am going to try at least 2 new recipes each month!  Most of these I will gather from Pinterest and re-pin to my board "Been There, Done That"

4. Purge - I am going to start getting rid of some of my junk.  I have a bad habit of keeping everything... I have closets, drawers, containers, etc. full of things I haven't touched in months... years even!!  Who needs that?!?!

5.  Read More - I only read 16 books in 2012.  BOO!  My goal is 25 in 2013.  (Friend me on Goodreads!!)

6. Become Healthy - I have been eating so awful the past few months that I really want to start being healthier.  I of course need to loose weight, so that is my main goal, but just to be healthier in general.  Better food & exercise!

7. Add Something New for 2013!

Good Luck with your resolutions!

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