Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - #12

I took a little blog-vacay last week... now time to catch up!

Here is ToT from 8/2/11...

1. Do you do laundry all at the same time or a load here and there?

Both!  Normally all at the same time, but sometimes here and there when I'm busier.

2. What kind of detergent do you use?
Gain... it's the best!  Smells so good!
3. Do you use fabric softener?
Yes! Snuggle... also smells sooo good!!

4. Do you use dryer sheets?
Yes! I think the ones I have now are Gain dryer sheets.

5. Do you iron your own clothes or take them to a cleaner to get pressed?
Iron them... normally in the morning right before I put them on!

6. Do you like heavy starch or light starch?I don't use starch or take my clothes to the cleaner.  But if I had to pick, I'd say light starch.

7. Do you wash all your laundry at once or separate it?
Separate it by clothes that go in the dryer and clothes that do not - lol!  I'm only one person so this seems to be the most 'energy efficient.' Every so often I will separate my whites and add a little bleach.

8. How do you separate it? By people or by colors?
See above :)

9. What clothes get hung up and what goes in drawers?Jeans, PJ pants, exercise stuff, t-shirts, & tank tops go in drawers... everything else gets hung up.

10. Do you use plastic, wire, or wooden hangers? Do they all match?
Plastic & heck no they don't match.  I have all kinds of colors, shapes & sizes.