Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Dinner

This year I had Easter dinner at my house!
It was my first holiday family dinner.
I found the best recipes and planned the perfect menu... click for the recipes.
Everything turned out great!  :)

Slow Cooker Honey Dijon Ham

Corn Casserole
I forgot to take a picture before we all dug in!  Oops!
Potatoes Au Gratin (compliments of The Pioneer Woman, so you know it had to be good!)
Soooo yummy!!!
Dessert consisted of Coconut Cake (provided by my grandparents) and fresh fruit!
Here are some pictures from the day:
The table set for dinner!
Easter cards & candy :)
Coconut Cake... an Easter tradition in our family!
Grandmom enjoying dessert.
My beautiful mother!
Feeding Shelby a jelly bean... she doesn't like the black ones!

And of course... Shelby in her bunny ears!
 Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 Day Challenge (1) #5

Day 27: Wednesday, 3/28/12
I was driving around and happened to look up out of my sunroof while sitting at a red light and saw this.  Thought it was cool at the time :)

Day 28: Thursday, 3/29/12
My new 'garden' decoration!  Raven's style!!!
Don't mind the messy garden... I have weeded since I took the pic and need to do all the fun spring cleaning stuff, so it's a MESS!

Day 29: Friday, 3/30/12
Today I had a Thirty-One party, which was a huge success!!  As people were passing around the purses & wallets, someone said, you left something in here.  Considering I don't use (most of) the products I show, I was wondering what in the world could it be??  I went over and found these little guys... LOL!!
I let my sponsor borrow my new spring stuff for her shows and her kids left me a little surprise!
What a weird trio though, right?  The first guy is holding a remote in a jumpsuit, the second guy has a broken arm, and the third guy is carrying a purse?!??

Day 30: Saturday, 3/31/12
I have a new neighbor!!  Back in October we had the biggest snow storm of the season... and I use that term loosely because it wasn't even winter yet!  But that was the most snow we had since last winter.  Anyway... since there were leaves on the trees, many trees were damaged and died  :( One of the larger trees in my development could not be saved and had to be removed.  It was replaced by this little guy.

Here is what happened in October:

And that officially ends my first 30 day challenge!!  It actually was a little more difficult then I thought... all I wanted to take pictures of was Shelby or all the pretty blooming flowers.  But I had to think outside of the box a little... which was hard since my life is not very exciting!  What's next.... ?