Wednesday, March 28, 2012

30 Day Challenge (1) #4

Day 19: Tuesday, 3/20/12
Bright & early (and I mean early) on Thursday morning, I was flying to Texas with my parent's to visit some family & go to a wedding.  That means we had to drop the dogs off at the kennel on Wednesday night.  So, here is a picture of my Shelbinator on our last night together before vacay...

Day 20: Wednesday, 3/21/12
After work my mom and I packed up the car full of dog food and dog cookies to take her two black labs, AJ & Cody, and my lab, Shelby, to the kennel for their own little sleepover/vacay!  Needless to say, two people and three labs in one compact car made for an interesting... yet fun... ride :)

Day 21: Thursday, 3/22/12
After arriving in Dallas, we had to wait in line for a good half hour to get our rental car.  My mom & I sat with our luggage.  There was a little boy sitting next to us by himself (his dad was in line keeping an eye on him) and my mom decided to strike up a conversation.  Once she opened those flood gates, he couldn't be stopped!  Then he whipped out his dad's phone and started taking pictures of us... so I took one of him taking one of us! :)

Day 22: Friday, 3/23/12
Today we drove to Allen, Texas to visit my Uncle's Honda dealership.  While waiting for our tour, we decided to play on the bikes.  Mom picked out this one... I said it'd look better in hot pink ;)

Day 23: Saturday, 3/24/12
Today we went window shopping in Grapevine.  There were some great stores & we really enjoyed the town.  This cupcake was hanging outside one of the stores... I loved it!  So cute!

Day 24: Sunday, 3/25/12
We spent the day at my Uncle's house catching up and relaxing.  While sitting outside enjoying the great weather, I turned and saw this gecko lizard thing.  Surprisingly I did not act too girly & was able to take the picture :)  haha!

Day 25: Monday, 3/26/12
Our last day in Texas and I was so excited we went to eat Mexican!  I loved my blackberry mint margarita :)

Day 26: Tuesday, 3/27/12
I sat by the window on the way home... great view!

Monday, March 19, 2012

30 Day Challenge (1) #3

Day 12: Tuesday, 3/13/12
OMG... I forgot to take a picture :(  I think I was going to take a pic of my flippy floppies because it was the first day I wore them, but forgot!  I'll make it a 31 day challenge. My challenge, my rules! =P

Day 13: Wednesday, 3/14/12
I had to drive to Wrightsville today.  I love the drive past the river; and especially this lighthouse.  Reminds me of a fun trip with the girls to the Outer Banks, NC several years ago.  I took this pic through the car window, that's why it looks streaky!

Day 14: Thursday, 3/15/12
Today was Beer Skool at Maewyn's (local pub in York, PA).  We learned all about Rogue beer(s).  The beer was great!  The food pairings were also great... except for the bangers & mash.  Not a fan... but when it came out, I had to giggle!

Day 15: Friday, 3/16/12
The day before St. Paddy's Day... the day before the best holiday ever!  One of my awesome co-workers made green cupcakes... yum!!

Day 16: Saturday, 3/17/12
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Day 17: Sunday, 3/18/12
I went to breakfast with my grandparents.  My grandmother brought me some old stuff she found while doing some 'organizing' around their place.  This included some programs from my high school theater days!  Aaahhh the memories....

Day 18: Monday, 3/19/12
Today I got such a GREAT deal on some clothes I just have to share!  I went to New York & Company (haven't been there in forever) and got a pair of black dress pants, 2 nice shirts and a pair of flip flops and only paid $33 for $140 worth of stuff!!  The sales person was sooo nice and told me to look up an awesome coupon they had available on my phone so I could use it... $50 off of $100!!  Plus, they had a buy one get one 50% off sale!  And I had a gift card!  I was so excited I told the sales person she was my best friend! LOL!

Monday, March 12, 2012

30 Day Challenge (1) #2

Day 5: Tuesday, 3/6/12
Today I went to a Celebrate & Connect meeting with my Thirty-One family.  It's always good to get together with everyone!  And, we all get a gift from Thirty-One just for coming.  This time we got an All-In-One Organizer in a print that is available ONLY in May!  Cute, huh?? :)

Day 6: Wednesday, 3/7/12
I took Shelby to the vet for her annual visit (all us girls gotta go through it! LOL!).  She did very well!  She gained .3 lbs from last year, but that's just winter weight. :)  Shelby loves the vet... not sure why... but she actually runs up to people... which if you know Shelby is very uncharacteristic!

Day 7: Thursday, 3/8/12
I took this picture while driving back to work from Towson, MD during my lunch break.  I was sitting at a traffic light, looked to my left and there was my first sign of spring!  I thought the pink buds were so pretty next to the gray bare trees behind it.  In just a few weeks everything will be green!!!

Day 8: Friday, 3/9/12
This is the toy I bought the morning I brought Shelby home.  I call her her "buby."  They bonded right away and she carries her buby around everywhere.  

Day 9: Saturday, 3/10/12
I went to visit one of my best friends from high school, Marci and her family, 'lil Caleb and Justin.  I got there at Justin's bed time so no pictures of Caleb, but she did give me a picture to hang on my fridge, so I took a picture of the picture :)

Day 10: Sunday, 3/11/12
I had such a fun day!!  Hit the dog park with Shelby and her new friend Buck, went to lunch with friends, visited the York Art Assoc to see my mom's artwork in the gallery (visit her blog:, dinner with my parents, and then a whore-derv dinner with Desperate Housewives.  Here are two pictures I wanted to share:
Shelby LOVES the dog park!!

My mom & her art work at the York Art Association.  Visit her blog at! 
Day 11: Monday, 3/12/12
One of my co-workers brought in some yummy peanut buttery fancy treats to share with Shelby...

Monday, March 5, 2012

30 Day Challenge (1)

I watched this video from Matt Cutts a couple weeks ago and was intrigued....
Try something new for 30 days...
Soooo many things started flying through my mind.  

I decided to start small with the same challenge - take 1 picture every day.  It is right in line with my New Year's resolution to take more pictures, so hey, why not?!?  Plus, I can blog about it... another New Year's Resolution - check!  So, here it goes! :)

Day 1: Friday, 3/2/12
I had a thirty-one party at my friend Amy's house.  Her cat Leo was a social butterfly.  When we turned around he was sitting like this, leaning against the counter.  It was so cute!

Day 2: Saturday, 3/3/12
Today we visited a part the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail (formerly known as Uncork York).  We went to four different  wineries from Hershey, PA to the Maryland Line.  Lots of fun!  Here is the group pic:
From top left: Alana, Monika, Jason, Wendy, Melanie, Michaelann, Jeremy
From bottom left: Laura, me & Meg
Day 3:  Sunday, 3/4/12
Monika made homemade peanut butter ice cream with Reese's minis and left a huge container at my house.  So I took it to Ben & Matt's house for dessert... it went very well with brownies and was soooo good!!!

Day 4: Monday, 3/5/12
Friday night I erased my wireless network... D'OH!!!!  I worked on getting it back all weekend.  Finally tonight I was able to get it back!  It used to be named "dusyshamrock" after my first fuzzy roommate.  This time I named it "shelbinator" after my dog Shelby.  I was so grateful I was able to fix it by myself and not take it to the geek squad, I had to take a picture!!