Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I lost a family member yesterday, our dog Cody.

Cody was brought into our home and hearts in 2000 and left our home, but not our hearts, in 2012.  He was such a kind, patient, loving soul, and brought so many happy memories to my family, friends, and anyone else that he met!

We got Cody in early 2000.  I was 20 & started my sophomore year of college in the fall.  He was so much fun. :)

A couple years later we got another lab, AJ.  Cody was so excited he kept trying to play with little AJ, but we kept telling him to be gentle, he's a baby!  Boy were we wrong!  AJ was terror on wheels and gentle was not in his vocabulary!  But Cody was such a good boy, he was never rough with AJ, and always let AJ have his way and go first... forever.

That was Cody's way - gentle, kind & patient.  He always stayed back and waited for his "invitation" to go outside or come back in.  Even though I found this annoying at times (especially in the rain) it was Cody's way and I will always treasure it.  

From then on it seemed Cody always came second.  Not because we didn't love him, but AJ took so much attention and Cody let him have it.  AJ was a rambunctious crazy lovin' boy with the alpha attitude, and Cody was happy and content being in the background.  But Cody's "politeness" also granted him a little extra love, attention & treats... when AJ wasn't looking of course!!

Boys will be boys... :)

 Happy boy!  Always bubbly and happy to see you!

 So handsome.

As time went on, age took a toll.  Cody got a little gray here and there, started rising a little slower, and his running became a sluggish.  But never did Cody loose his kind, happy, bubbly personality.  He still always came up to greet you, say hi and make you feel special.  He loved everyone!

Cody was a momma's boy!

 Me & Cody :)

Lovin' the bone!!  Yum Yum!!!

Cody's Christmas bone!

Keepin' warm in the sunshine.

 Where are all the bones?  What bones??

 CAR RIDE!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Christmas bow :)

A couple years ago, Shelby met Cody, and it was love at first sight!!  She loved Cody so much!  We would all be lying around watching TV and she would get up, walk over to Cody and her tail would wag so hard it would go in circles.  She would put her paw on him (her sign of affection) and sit there until he would finally move.  They were BFFs!!

Over the past week, Cody had some health issues that were incurable - but he remained a bubbly happy boy, just as we will always remember him.  

We will miss him SO much but feel better knowing he is in heaven running around without any pain and eating all the treats he can!

See you at the rainbow bridge Cody... I love you!