Saturday, May 11, 2013

I see your true colors... shining through!

Today I participated in The Color Run in Baltimore.  I was an "orange color thrower!"  Here is a quick video about The Color Run if you've never heard of it...

The Cool Kids Campaign is the charitable organization my company sponsors.  So, when I received an email from Cool Kids asking for volunteers, I jumped at the opportunity.  For every volunteer Cool Kids recruited they received a donation from The Color Run.  Here's a video about Cool Kids (make sure to have tissues handy!)...

So you can see why I was so eager to help!  I went with one of my co-friends, Donna and her daughter Kaitlyn & friend Stacey.  Kaitlyn & Stacey ran, while Donna & I were color throwers... orange to be exact!

We were stationed at the back of M&T Bank Stadium.  

The Orange waiting to be thrown... it was almost as excited as Donna & I were! 

All set-up and waiting for the runners....

I left my phone in my pocket during the race.  It was crazy!!  Most of the time I couldn't see anything and just kept throwing the orange.  I loved to whip around and squirt the powder on their back (and/or butt if white shorts were involved!)  Afterwards I was exhausted... it was a lot of work!  

We were so lucky the weather turned out.  They were calling for rain all day and then as soon as the race started, the sun came out!  It was great!  Here are our after pictures I took on the light rail...

We wore our sunglasses the whole time so our eyes were pretty protected, but I should have wore a face mask because I inhaled a lot of color.  So much it made me sick... I was not a happy camper on the way home :(

But I felt better by the time I got to my parent's house to pick up Shelby.  They couldn't believe how orange I was!  I felt like Snooki ;)

I finally got home and could not wait to take a shower!  This is what happened when I took my sneakers off.  Yes... my toes are orange! LOL!

The color even bled through to my tank top... and I had color in my bra!!

In the end, I had a blast - I loved throwing the color on people!  Especially the ones who tried to run through real quick with their white shirts... I chased them down! haha! If I did this again, I would definitely wear a face mask and not wear jeans. (The throwers in the video were wearing jeans!?)

If you get a chance to RUN or THROW in The Color Run... DO IT!

PS:  And if you run... thank your color throwers... they stood in that mess for 2 hours and have color in places you can only imagine ;)

PPS:  All the color came out of my clothes in the wash! :)

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