Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Getaway

A couple weekends ago I went to visit some old friends... ok, they're not "old" just some people I have been friends with a long time :)

First stop was to see Marci.  I met Marci when I moved to Pennsylvania in 1991 and entered the 6th grade.  We've been friends for 21 years.  (If you're quick and did the math, you'll see that doesn't add up.  Yes... we were not friends in the 6th grade... in fact we disliked each other enough that Marci told me I would die on my 19th birthday.  I obviously survived... palm-reading was not her specialty.)  

Marci now lives in western PA with her hubby Justin and their cutie pie son Caleb.  Family member #4 is on the way! :)  We went to the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh to have some fun...
We did some painting... and managed to keep (most of) the paint on the paper!!
Played in the sand!
But the best part was Clifford!
We had so much fun :)
That evening after dinner we went to a nearby farm to look at the cows.  They were so cute!!!

We dressed alike on purpose.

Then we went to see the baby cow...

And then test out the tractor.

Of course after seeing the cows, we had to get some ice cream... with sprinkles!!  YUM!

After my visit with Marci, I drove about 1/2 hour to my friend Tracy's house.  Tracy was my randomly selected college roommate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 1998.  We were so lucky to have found each other... we became friends immediately and were joined at the hip for the next 4 1/2 years and have remained friends for 15 years.  (This is making me sound old...)  

Tracy lives with her hubby Mark and their two beautiful daughters Lexi and Aubrey.  I had such a good time at their home!!  Unfortunately I dropped my camera at the farm and broke it, so I could only take pictures with my phone.  But I still got some great ones! :)

We did a little sightseeing in Pittsburgh...
First we had lunch at Redbeard's where I enjoyed my favorite beverage of the season...
a Summer Shandy... YUM!
Then we walked over to the Mt. Washington Observation deck to take some pictures.
Lexi & Aubrey being cute as always!
On our way to Point State Park Fountain!
It was a little stormy looking when we got there... but we were hoping it would blow over or we would get out of there before it started raining too hard!
I snapped this quick family photo.  <3
And then the rain came and we ran!!
It rained for awhile...
We were soaked!!

I had a fantastic weekend visiting my BFFs!  I am so blessed that I still have their friendship!

I just wished they lived closer... :)

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  1. ...and now I live close to them so rounding it out in threes! :)