Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday - 10 Year High School Reunion

In 2008, I attended my 10 year reunion high school reunion.  For you who aren't quick with math, I graduated in 1998 :)

I had a fabulous time with some great friends!
Gretch & me

Marci & Me (one of my favorites of us!)

Me, Alana, Sara & Bren

Me, Marci & Jess

Marci, Justin & Me

Me, Sara, Gretch, Jess, Bren & Alana

The girls - Jess, Marci, Sara, Me, Alana, Bren, Gretch & Mandy
 I am so blessed to be in touch with all of them!  And even saw everyone (except Mandy) this year!!


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